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Ssweven Industries Limited was incorporated with a dream of "One Vision, One Reality!" This mantra is built on the same reality that most individuals are led to act more by emotional connectivity than by rational logic. We work because we know we have to, but we will inevitably contribute so much more of ourselves when we believe in what we are doing. We are living in times of revolution; We have to think differently; We need to do things differently. Technology is changing the world constantly and more dramatically than at any point in our existence. Most people underestimate their impact and potential or do not understand properly their talents and abilities. To ride the revolutionary wave humans have to adapt faster and more creatively than we are doing at present.

One Vision One Reality – Ideology of Full service offline and online marketing - Ssweven


The human element is replaced in too many aspects of business life and ignores the fundamental role of the company. Hence to serve humanity, we strengthen our three pillars of Ssweven.


  • To create an impact in the lives of people by improving their standards of living.
  • To be more sensitive and receptive about the matters of the society.


  • To enable india with the new order of Research & Development.
  • To help people achieve financial stability.
  • To help develop knowledge driven society for the effective decision making.


  • • To provide an opportunity to individuals for their talent upliftment.
  • • To provide an opportunity to individuals for society and nation building.

We endeavor for a paradigm shift from unorganised sector to organised sector hence came up with the ventures like Ssweven Digital, Ssweven Production and Ssweven Events. Through Ssweven Franchise we aim to proper growth in small businesses. The organised sector leads to:

  • • Micro-Management of Businesses
  • • Business Longevity
  • • Brand Development
  • • Job Opportunities
  • • Prosperity of the Country - to achieve 5 Trillion Dollar economy

Ssweven Mall is an initiative by Ssweven Industries Limited to contribute to the field of Infrastructure. It is a marketplace focused on a particular sector. Ssweven Mall is an organised hub for Retail, Offices, Education and Entertainment, it consists of shops, co-working spaces, vocational & professional courses with practical exposure, Job Placements, and recreational facilities. It will create an environment for the people associated with a particular sector to network and show up with their extraordinary work, also an opportunity to learn and earn for those who endeavor to. One can even get educated about the collaborated companies working culture. Customers can also benefit as they can get competitive rates and the genuine products. There will be an open option to customers and everything related to a sector will be available under one roof.

At Ssweven we take the responsibility to hear and solve the problems of our people in general and do it with full commitment. That is why we are venturing as Ssweven Mentor. Our well-planned, thoughtful mentoring program encourages participants to connect with others on a personal level and build strong, trusting relationships that motivate and guide them toward future goals.

"We humans are fragile by ourselves. Our strength lies in being part of a community."

One of the most important things we have learned while we were in isolation is to take care of ourselves and to devote more time to self and family. COVID-19 has changed everything about the workplace. Earlier due to job opportunities and better facilities major crowds migrated to big and developed cities from small towns and villages but now there is a complete paradigm shift, here is how we can plan for the future with the information they learn from this crisis.

  • • Creation of more job opportunities and better infrastructure should be provided at the small town's level.
  • • Tech tools are required to empower people to work from anywhere
  • • Flexible work schedules are no longer nice to have, but essential.
  • • Pandemic taught us the importance of family and the need of community.